Tuesday, March 03, 2015

She's at her happiest...

...when there are felt tips, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, stickers and paper close at hand!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Happy girl...

...enjoying a sneaky lunch date with Mummy at Asda café after a trip to the post office!


We had an email from the council this morning, confirming that Charlie has been offered a place at the secondary school we wanted for him!
We're very pleased because it's a good school, and there are already strong links between his primary school and this new school, which should hopefully make the transition a bit easier.
We have lots of information to pass on to his new teachers about his heart, so I'm guessing there will be at least a couple of meetings before he starts in September. (Or as Pete calls it, our annual 'scare a teacher' session!)
Now we just need to find out if all his friends will be going as well, so fingers crossed.
Better start saving up for his new uniform...

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Random ramblings...

Well, for once, I don't have any pictures to share - don't know why, I just haven't taken many lately. Must remedy that ASAP!
Thought I'd write a quick update, but now I'm here, I haven't really got much news...
All is well here. Charlie is much better than he was last weekend - he really was quite poorly, with a terrible cough and no appetite (I KNEW we shouldn't have gone to the opera last Friday...) and we came close to going to the out of hours GP last Saturday night, but he turned a bit of a corner on Sunday, and after an extra day off school on Monday is much better now. He's still coughing a bit but is eating properly again now, and is pretty much back to his normal self. Phew.
Rosie has had a bit of a cough too, but she's ok in herself, and is so funny and so grown up these days.
She is still loving playschool, and is always so excited when it's a 'Little School' day. Still can't believe she'll be going every morning in September.
She seems to be pretty arty and creative and is forever drawing and sticking and cutting. She's forever drawing people and houses, and writes her name beautifully, along with quite a few other letters. She loves playing games too - particularly 'The Orchard Game' and the 'Shopping List' game. She's quite partial to snakes and ladders too, but that one takes far too long for my liking!
She also seems to be pretty musical - she sings all the time, and (although I'm no expert) seems to be able to carry a tune pretty well for someone who's only three.
Charlie's been learning some of the songs from The Addams Family at his theatre class and Rose has got several of the songs totally memorised, which entertains us no end, particularly when she throws in some of the actions too. I really must record her version of some of the big numbers...
Tomorrow is a big day for Charlie - we should get an email telling us which secondary school he'll be going to in September. Eek. It feels a bit daunting really - big changes ahead for Charlie-Boy. I still can't get my head around the fact that he'll be 12 in November. We're pretty hopeful that he'll get into the school we want for him, but you never know... So watch this space!
He has to wear a Welsh rugby shirt to school tomorrow for a belated St David's Day celebration.
He's always a bit grudging when it comes to St David's Day (who, for those of you not in the know, is the patron saint of Wales) because Charlie was born in Birmingham, and is very proud of his town of birth and is resolutely English! And when it comes to rugby, he's a stalwart supporter of the New Zealand All Blacks! (My Aunty Betty lives in Christchurch over there, and keeps him supplied with all the merchandise! She even wrote to the team about him, who sent him a fab letter and a photo last week!)
But he's making the most of having a non-uniform day tomorrow, and apparently they do 'fun stuff' on St David's Day so it won't be too bad!
He's also got a school trip this week - his class have been studying World War Two, so they're off to an air museum in Somerset, which he's looking forward to.
Anyway, it's getting late and I have an early start tomorrow, so I think I'll sign off for now and hit the hay. I'll try to get a few new pics for the next post!

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A night at the opera... that nearly wasn't.

As I mentioned yesterday (take note - blogging two days on the trot!!) Charlie and I had tickets for the opera tonight - Mozart's Magic Flute to be precise.
But Charlie's been a bit off colour today - he's had a cough all week and just looked a bit rough.
Had he been at school today, I'd have thought twice about sending him, but when his night at the opera was under threat, he miraculously felt 'fine' despite looking a bit wishy-washy and boggy-eyed.
So going a bit against my maternal instincts, off we went to the Millennium Centre this evening.
And I'm really glad we did.
This was Charlie's first experience of 'proper opera' and he absolutely loved it. He couldn't believe it when the curtain went down at the end of the (hour and a quarter) first half because the time had flown by so fast.
It was fabulous - the fact that it was in English made it easy to follow the plot, plus we could appreciate all the funny one-liners.
I loved listening to all the well-known pieces. There's one piece performed by Papageno (Charlie's favourite character) which I knew first as the theme tune to a story I used to listen to as a kid - no audiobooks for me though, 'Jellico the Magic Budgerigar' read by Muriel Young was on 7" vinyl!
The lilting music took me straight back to the early mornings when Dad would make me bread and jam, and plug my headphones into the record player so I could listen to my stories while the rest of the house was still asleep. Happy memories. :-)
Charlie was seriously impressed by the Queen of the Night's aria - it's crazily high but she did a fantastic job.
The programme we bought lists the Welsh National Opera's whole season at the Millennium Centre, and Charlie's already lining up what he wants to see next!
As for me - I'm feeling the need to watch that classic episode of Inspector Morse - 'Masonic Mysteries' - for an encore of tonight's fantastic music!
You really can't beat a bit of Mozart!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Half term...

Pete was off work today, so we decided to head off to the cinema.
Rosie was desperate to see the new Peppa Pig movie, and Charlie wanted to watch Big Hero 6.
Charlie's friend Fi came too, so after a spot of lunch, Pete took the two older ones to watch their film, and Rose and I wandered round the shops for a bit until her film started.
She was so excited to see a film on her own with me, and loved every minute of it - especially the chocolate buttons she'd chosen!
(Is it me, or is she looking VERY grown up in this pic?)
Pete's off work again tomorrow, so we're hoping to go out and do something fun, weather permitting.
Tomorrow night Charlie and I are off to the Millennium Centre for his first foray into the world of opera - opera without the Phantom, that is!
The Welsh National Opera are putting on The Magic Flute and the production is quite 'family friendly' in that it's being performed in English, with subtitles too, so he should be able to follow what's happening! He's really looking forward to hearing the Queen of the Night aria - and I think he'll recognise quite a few of the other pieces too.
Will try to get a pic or two - watch this space!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Phantom of the Opera...

Charlie had to dress up for school today - the theme was 'masked ball', and of course he decided straight away that he was going as his favourite man in a mask - the Phantom of the Opera!!
He was so pleased with how his costume turned out - and I was really chuffed because we cobbled it together mostly from bits and pieces we already had - the black trousers and shirt were from his Christmas concert, the waistcoat was a hand-me-down from his cousin Harri, the fob watch is a Dr Who toy, the cape is off his Darth Vader costume and he's had the mask since he was about seven, when he bought it at Hobbycraft because it was just like the Phantom's!

Oh, and the tie was my dad's.

After Dad died, Charlie chose a load of his ties that he liked, to keep for when he was a big boy. Dad was always a 'tie man' - he'd have worn one on the beach if we'd let him.
So Charlie was pleased to wear one of his Grandpa's many ties today, and it made me happy to knot it round Charlie's neck this morning, knowing that Dad would have smiled to see it.

So the only thing we had to buy was the hat, which cost me all of £4 on eBay!

And I think Chas looked phantom-tastic!!