Friday, November 11, 2016

Birthday treat!

I forgot to mention that Charlie had a rather cool birthday treat last week - we booked him tickets for Alfie Boe and Michael Ball's 'Together' tour.
He even had a chance to meet and greet the two of them, which was a fab experience for him as he loves both of their voices. He had a great time chatting with them, and I think they were quite pleased to see him too - their normal fan base seemed to be ladies of a certain age, so I think it made a nice change for them to be giving tips on musical theatre performances, rather than fending off hugs and kisses!
The concert was fantastic - two powerhouses belting out some massive numbers, and we were right at the front!
It really was a once in a lifetime experience for Charlie, and I'm so glad we were able to get the tickets for him. :-)

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Happy Birthday Charlie!!

So. We have a teenager in the house.
I still don't quite know how that happened!
We've had a lovely day - Charlie was so pleased that his birthday fell on a Saturday, so he could open all his presents in a leisurely fashion, rather than tear through them at breakneck speed in time to catch the school bus.
He had so many fab presents, LOADS of money and was totally spoiled!
My brother and his family came over this morning to see him which was really nice too.
I'd booked a table at a steakhouse in Cardiff, and mentioned on the booking that it was a birthday celebration. Charlie was delighted when the manager brought him a birthday card and an extremely large fruity 'mocktail'!
We went to a firework display last night, but we always have a few fireworks in the back garden on Charlie's birthday too, so his friend Fi came over for some pizza and to watch the fireworks too.
We decided not to have a big birthday cake this year - opting instead for some DC Comics cupcakes.
They were yummy - even if there wasn't much room for the candles!
It really has been such a lovely day. I still can't believe our boy is 13 - a whole new era of his life has begun - one that we scarcely dared to dream might ever happen.
So Happy Birthday Charlie Boy. We love you so much and we are so very, very proud of you. xxx

Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Rosie!

My gorgeous girl turned five today! Can't quite work out how that happened...
Here she is after school today, trying out the new scooter she had from Nanny.
Happy Birthday lovely girl - we love you and can't imagine life without you xxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Seren Y Dydd

Someone is very excited to be Seren Y Dydd! ('Star of the Day' in Welsh).
Safe to say, school is going well so far! :-)

Friday, September 09, 2016

Fourteen years.

Fourteen years ago today, we said hello and goodbye to this beautiful boy. He was only with us for fifteen minutes, but we wouldn't have missed them for the world.

Neither Charlie nor Rosie met him, but as far as they are both concerned, he is as much their big brother as he would be if he were here with us today.

"You made us parents,
Your power was such -
Before we ever met you,
We loved you so much.

You taught us so much
In the time that you had.
And we're so very proud of you,
Our brave little lad.

You - our best boy -
You taught us to cram
A lifetime of love
Into too short a span.

Hushabye, Hushabye,
Our beautiful son.
The long day is over,
And night-time has come."

Happy Birthday Will. xxx

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Safe to say that school is a big hit!

It's late now, so I don't have time to write a proper post now, but I had to show you a quick pic of my best girl on her first day at school!