Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Back to school

Sent from my iPhoneWell, the summer holidays are over and Rosie went back to school yesterday.
Charlie had an extra day off (he and I went to a Sherlock Escape Room - it was brill and we escaped in almost record time!)
So this morning was the first proper school morning with both of them, and I survived!
House needs a major post-summer blitz, but I'm feeling the need for coffee and a good book first!
Am attaching the obligatory pics - and can you believe how much Chas has grown in the two years since he started secondary school?!
So into Year 1 for Rosie, and Year 9 for Charlie.
Have a fab year kids!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Charlie's talk

Have been meaning to post this link to the YouTube video of Charlie speaking at the medical conference the other day. It's about ten minutes long. Pete missed the first couple of seconds, but the rest is there. So proud of our boy and how far he has come. :-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Keynote Speaker!

Meet the keynote speaker at the Welsh Fetal Cardiovascular Network's Annual Meeting!
So proud of this boy - he stood up in front of a lecture theatre at full of obstetricians, cardiologists, sonographers and fetal medicine consultants and spoke for 15 minutes about what life is really like with half a heart.
He absolutely nailed it, and left most of the audience in tears (me included!)
And yesterday, he received an invite to the British Medical Association's Patient Information Awards in London in the autumn - Little Hearts Matter's Fontan booklet (which focuses on Charlie's journey through his Fontan surgery) has been nominated for an award, and he has been asked to attend the awards ceremony.
But before that, he's off to a week-long residential theatre school in the West End, culminating in a performance onstage at Her Majesty's Theatre (home to Phantom of the Opera, no less!)
He has such a busy life, but he loves it. The past fortnight, he's finished rehearsals and completed a run of one show, then done his speech, then prepped for an audition yesterday. He got the part, so now the next round of rehearsals begins.
He really never ceases to amaze us. :-)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bus pass...

I just had to send off for Charlie's school bus pass for his third year at secondary school. As always, we had to get a new set of passport pics, and I couldn't resist putting the last three side by side - May 2015, May 2016 and May 2017.
How much has he grown up?!?!
He won't need a new bus pass now until he starts sixth form in 2020 - goodness only knows how big he'll be then!
We had his school parents' evening yesterday, and he's doing really well across the board, which is great to hear.
His music teacher has asked him and a couple of the other boys to join senior choir a bit early, which made him really happy - particularly because they're performing a selection of pieces from Les Mis at the end of term concert! She reckons he's heading for a good bass voice apparently - so maybe Javert will be in his future! :-)

Friday, April 07, 2017

End of term fun

Rosie broke up for Easter today. (Charlie had an inset day, so he broke up yesterday and was pretty smug to have the day off when Rosie had to go into school. He's going to be a bit less smug when he realises that she's got an inset day at the END of the hols, so he's going back to school a day before her!)
She's had a busy time at school lately - lots of dressing up days and fun things to do. 
We had her parents' evening this week too - she's doing brilliantly across the board and we're so proud of her. Her teacher says she's well ahead of where she should be in maths, reading, writing... everything really! She also said she's astonishingly mature and perceptive for a five-year-old. Apparently she behaves really well and is a big help in the classroom. Pretty much a perfect report really. Couldn't ask for more from our little Rosie-girl. 
She's been very excited because they've had eggs in their classroom in an incubator, and they've hatched over the past couple of weeks, so now they've got lots of cheeping chicks in a box to fuss over.  Rose is quite the animal fan - she's still dotty about her hamster, Sunny. The school sent home the pic of her holding one of the chicks in class. I love it when we get pics from school - they use an app too, called SeeSaw, which means they can ping us photos during the school day so we can see what they're up to!
They ran an Easter colouring competition this week, and Rosie made a fab job of her picture. She was over the moon today when the headmistress announced in assembly that her picture was one of the winners. She was so excited - I think she fancies entering a few more competitions now!
They had a little Easter bonnet parade at the end of the day today, so they all marched around the playground in their hats. I love how pleased she is when she spots me at school events - I helped out at the Mother's Day shop at school last month, and she was tickled pink to have HER mum there during the school day. :-)
More to the point, I was pretty chuffed that I was able to recycle the same Easter bonnet she had for both years at Playschool! I'd kept it stashed carefully at the back of her wardrobe so I didn't have to faff around making a new one. It only just fitted, but she was quite happy to have it balanced a bit precariously on top of her plaits!
So that's what Rosie's been up to - we've got a few fun things planned for the Easter hols, so watch this space...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A few more pics from the House of Lords...

Here are a few more pics from the House of Lords event that Charlie spoke at - one taken mid-speech; one with Pete in one of the committee rooms at the Lords; one of Chas post-speech; and another with all the other kids who were involved in making the film and Baroness Massey who hosted the event. Unfortunately Baroness Howarth of Breckland - or Valerie, as we know her better (she's patron of Little Hearts Matter) was unwell, and unable to host the event as planned, so everyone was very grateful to Baroness Massey for stepping in at the last minute.
Am still pretty impressed that our boy has spoken at such a prestigious venue, but as per norm, Charlie's taken it all in his stride, and is now preparing for his next public speaking engagement at the medical conference in June. (Although he's in two shows as before then as well!)
Life is full, but life is good.