Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2010

Hi folks.
Not much news today - another pretty quiet, but nice day. Charlie has been happily playing, reading, Lego-ing, Wii Party-ing and fiddling with the Kindle Pete bought me for Christmas.
I've been moving piles of Christmas presents around the house, loading, unloading and re-loading the dishwasher and tidying away the piles of Lego from the lounge floor again. (and again, and again...) Lego really should come with a health warning - there's almost nothing as exquisitely painful as treading on a little Lego block with bare feet.
I SO need to blitz the house. I am hoping for a glut of charity bags through the letterbox over the next few days so I can have a massive declutter - I'm on a mission. Christmas always makes me realise how much stuff we have - and how little of it we actually use.
I hate clutter but I'm pretty awful at getting rid of stuff (particularly since we had Charlie - I've always found myself hanging onto useless stuff 'just in case something awful happens.' This is a BAD move because once you've started attaching emotional significance to stupid things like random scribbles on scrap paper and old toothbrushes, it's pretty difficult to stop.)
Admittedly, I've never been as houseproud as my mum, who is ALWAYS tidy. You can knock on her door anytime - day or night, in the midst of any calamity you can name, and find nothing more untidy than a slightly muddled newspaper scrunched up (neatly!) by her chair in the lounge. (She and I drive Pete around the bend - neither of us are capable of reading a newspaper without leaving it in a scrunched-up, tangled mess!) Seriously though - Mum is one of those supremely organised people who regularly cleans under her bed and behind the fridge. Her skirting boards are spotless and her floor is probably cleaner than my crockery.
I aspire to be like her, but usually fail miserably.
Mum literally cannot sit down and drink a cup of coffee, read the paper or surf the net if there is anything that needs to be done - and my dad was just the same.
Unfortunately though, those genes must have skipped a generation (or two - if Charlie is anything to go by...) because I am an expert at chore avoidance.
Personally, I reckon the advent of technology has made life so much harder for today's housewives - admittedly the arrival of washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and tumble dryers have made life much easier in one respect, but the housewives of the 1950s didn't have to contend with the constant distractions of the Internet, text messaging, Facebook, blogging and iPhones!!
But still.
We are fast approaching yet another new year, so yet again I feel the urge to start cleaning and streamlining our house.
Who knows - maybe 2011 will be the year when I finally find washing the kitchen floor more appealing than blogging.

But probably not.

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