Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011

Hi folks.
A nice - if bitterly cold - day today. Leisurely morning then we headed into Cardiff for a wander round, plus we had some shopping to get as well.
Charlie was very keen to have a look around the new Lego store, and took some of his birthday/Christmas money with him to add to his collection of Lego minifigures!
As I mentioned last week, we've been having a massive clear-out, and had sorted out a few Nintendo DS and Wii games that don't get played any more. We decided to take them into the game shop to trade them in for something new. In all honesty, we were only expecting a few quid - maybe £20 - so Charlie was tickled pink when the man said he would give him £70 credit towards some new games! We didn't buy any today because we were in a hurry - I had an appointment at the Apple Store to try and fix the wi-fi on my iPhone - but we're looking forward to some guilt-free Wii shopping in the near future. :-)
...And no, my wi-fi still isn't working so I'm not a happy chicken. :-(
We're planning on a bit more house blitzing tomorrow - Charlie's bedroom is a bit like a warzone - but he's on a mission to save enough money to buy a Harry Potter Diagon Alley he saw in the Lego shop today, so he's planning a ruthless cull on his toys to be sold on eBay!
Pete's away a lot again this week, so we're making the most of our weekend together. Hopefully the week will go quickly and he'll be home again soon.
I have to take Charlie up to the hospital on Tuesday to go to the INR clinic. He needs to have an INR test (a finger prick to check his warfarin levels) on our machine AND on the hospital machine to make sure the two readings tally up. He's not particularly looking forward to it because he has to have two finger sticks instead of his usual one. He was really brave last time though, so it shouldn't be too bad (with a bit of judicious bribery!) He's also looking forward to taking a bag of toys/books etc that he doesn't need any more to donate to the heart ward. There wasn't very much for kids of his age to play with when he had his surgery, so he quite likes the idea of giving other kids with special hearts something to do when they've had their hearts fixed.
That's about it for now I think - all very mundane... but mundane is good, every now and then!

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