Friday, August 10, 2012

Ten months...

Yikes. Rosie is ten whole months today - only eight weeks until her first birthday. How scary is that!!
She's learning so many new things, it's really hard to keep track, so I'm glad to be keeping a note of everything here... even if it doesn't make very interesting reading for you!
So - what is she up to at ten months?
She's in 9-12mth clothes and size 4 nappies (although I'm using pull-ups some of the time because she does NOT like lying still to have her nappy changed!)
I have no idea how much she weighs, but she's certainly getting bigger by the day.
She doesn't have much baby food any more, and what she does have is the 10-12mth variety. She would much rather be eating proper table food and really likes sandwiches, squares of cheese, yoghurts and - as you can see from the picture, my mango ice lolly!
I'm still feeding her 3-4 times a day, and she also has water throughout the day from her sippy cup or a pop-top water bottle. She figured out on Wednesday how to use a straw, which surprised me - I think Charlie was quite a bit older than her before he worked out how to suck water up a straw.
She is a real pocket rocket these days - she does NOT stop moving. If she is awake, she is on the go. Crawling everywhere, pulling up, walking around with her push toys, standing up against anything she can, and cruising all around the furniture/our legs/her toys. I really think she'll be walking properly by the time she's one. She can get herself safely up and down from lying to sitting to standing and vice versa. She can also stand for a few seconds on her own (usually if she's concentrating on a toy in her hands, and forgets for a moment that she's not holding onto anything!)
She's still a star sleeper - normal days go something like this:
7.45ish: wake, feed, breakfast, play.
10.30-noon: Feed then nap
12.30: Lunch, play, maybe go out to the park or the shops.
2.30-3pm: Feed then back to bed, nap until 4-4.30ish.
5pm: Play, tea, playtime with Daddy once he finishes work, general destruction of living room, removal of books from bookcases etc.
7.15-7.30ish: Climb stairs by self (in about 30seconds flat!) wash or bath, depending on how grubby she is, feed, then into bed by about 7.45pm.
Sleep until following morning, then rinse and repeat!!
This month (since we went away on holiday) she's also been better at sleeping when we are out and about - either in her buggy or her carseat.
She's still a placid, happy little soul - although she's very inquisitive and loves to nose about in all the things she knows she shouldn't! She still flashes her nose-crinkling cheesy grin all the time (see photo!) and often matches it with a wicked little chuckle.
Favourite things - books are still a big hit, and one of the few things she'll sit still for. She loves trundling about with her brick truck and quite likes putting things in and out of other things. She likes playing with her ball - rolling it to and from another person, chasing it round the room etc.
She has an unfortunate liking for paper and i have to be quick to rescue the post from her when it arrives, otherwise all the letters have bites out of the corners, and I have to fish bits of paper out of her mouth!
All of her chewable toys are getting a bashing at the moment because her teeth are really pushing through. Her second top front tooth is bulging through the skin but still isn't quite there. (One bad thing for this month - she's taken to grinding her top tooth against her bottom teeth - the noise of which makes all of us wince!)
She still says Mama, Nanan, Hiya and Roros (Cheerios), but this month has definitely settled on 'Lala' for Charlie. Yesterday she also started calling Pete 'Daddeee' rather than Dada, which pleased him no end!
She Facetimes my Mum most days on the iPad, and loves chatting to Nanny. She knows how to slide her finger around the screen on my iPhone to make things happen - it's crazy to think that touchscreen technology and being able to see people miles away when you speak to them will just be part of her life. I can't help but wonder where technology will be when she is my age.
I think that's about it for now - if I remember anything I've forgotten, I'll add it in later!

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Saying hi from the Krull's link party! I love Rosie's hair.. or lack thereof. ;) You are so blessed.