Friday, November 16, 2012

Home alone (almost!)

Well, Rosie's in bed, and Pete and Charlie are at the rugby.
So I have the house and the television all to myself.

...But I'm stuck here watching the same rugby match as Pete and Charlie - just in case I can pick them out in the crowd!
For the record, they're 12 rows from the front on the bottom tier, right by the players' tunnel - if anyone else is watching! And Charlie's wearing his red Angry Birds hat! :-)
I spoke to them before kick-off (do you actually have a 'kick-off' in rugby??) and they were both really enjoying the atmosphere at the stadium. Charlie's wrapped up in about five layers of clothes and his new Wales/Samoa scarf!
I did manage to get him an appointment at the doctor this afternoon, and he has got tonsillitis - but I think we've caught it before it gets too bad. His throat is sore and scratchy but he feels ok in himself, and the doctor has prescribed antibiotics, so hopefully they'll get rid of it pronto.

And no, a late night at the rugby probably isn't an ideal recovery strategy, but I don't think a dose of the plague would have stopped Charlie going with his Dad to his very first rugby match, never mind a bit of a sore throat!

I've told Pete I want some pics, so hopefully I can let you see some once they get home!

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