Friday, May 24, 2013

A lovely day!

Today Rosie and I headed over to Bath to meet my friend Monica and her husband Darian.
I have known Monica for years now - since Charlie was very small - but only by email and on FB... because she lives in Chicago!
Her daughter, Celine, has hypoplastic right heart - which is very similar to Charlie's condition - and Monica runs the 'Be Not Afraid' website, supporting parents who carry their baby to term despite a life-threatening antenatal diagnosis, which I've got in the sidebar over there -->
Monica and Darian are doing a whistlestop European tour - London, Bath, York, Edinburgh and then on to Venice in Italy - so it was brilliant to be able to catch up with them on the Bath leg of their tour!
Even though the weather was pretty vile, we had a lovely wander around Bath Abbey, a coffee stop and a tour around the Roman Baths (all while talking nineteen to the dozen!)
You can't take pushchairs around the baths, so they let you borrow baby carriers to go on your back.
Rosie's never been in one before and was pretty impressed! She had lots of fun trying to ring Nanny on the audio commentary phone thing, and finally dozed off, resting her head on the back of my neck! It was much easier than trying to manage her buggy, but she weighs almost 28lbs now so I think I'm about two inches shorter now than I was when I started!
Monica and Darian gave us some top tips for our Florida trip next year, and who knows - we might even be able to catch up again then!
They brought some fabulous presents for Charlie and Rosie - Chas is now the Chicago Cubs' newest fan, and Rosie is rocking the stars and stripes!
A really fabulous day - so great to meet them in real life at last!

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