Wednesday, May 08, 2013

May 8, 2013

Hi folks. I thought I'd put up a few recent pics of our cheeky monkeys. I am SO aware that I've got a backlog of things I need to post (Charlie's Alfie Boe concert and a 'what's Rosie up to these days' for starters...) but if I wait until I have time to sit and write a long post, I'll never get anything on the blog.
The days are whizzing by, and I don't want to miss out on recording memories because I'm trying to keep things in chronological order!
Charlie and Rosie are both on good form, and have really enjoyed the sun over the last couple of days. (Although they were both a bit peeved that it was cold and rainy again today...)
Charlie is in the middle of a three-week swimming course with school - he's enjoying it lots, and as he has to wear a tracksuit every day, I'm enjoying not having to iron all the school shirts!
We had his flute repaired the other day because one of the keys wasn't closing properly, so he can play properly again now and is practising for an end of term concert. He's getting pretty good (although he'd be even better if he practised a bit more often!!) and I like that he's learning to read sheet music at such a young age.
Rosie's growing up too fast, and I think she's going to be a tall one - we were at a toddler group this morning and she was a good couple of inches taller than kids a couple of months older than her. Looks like she's got her dad's genes there!
She was very pleased to find a Postman Pat van at the supermarket the other day - particularly because of his black and white cat... she has a small cuddly black and white cat called Hamley which she carts all over the place with her.
Charlie never had a toy like that when he was little - I mean, he's had Max the dog and Clackety the crab since he was little, but he never used to take them out of his bed or out of the house. Rosie, however, nearly always has Hamley stuck under her arm. It's quite sweet to see - she likes to give him drinks from her cup, and feed him bits of whatever she's eating, but he's pretty grubby already and I'm terrified that he might get lost!
I snapped up Rosie's Little Tikes car on eBay the other day (feel free to admire my lovely new path in the background of the photo...) and when I went to collect it, it turned out that I knew the lady selling it! She was another heart mum who spoke at the same fetal cardiology symposium as me back in 2010 - it was so lovely to see her again, albeit a bit of a surprise!
Anyway, it's late, so I'm going to hit the hay. I will endeavour to get Charlie's Alfie Boe pics uploaded pronto, so I can start catching up with myself!
That's all for now folks!

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