Thursday, September 26, 2013

A bit of a catch-up...

I suddenly realised I haven't updated the blog since Will's birthday, so here I am.
Charlie is enjoying being back at school and seems to be liking Year 5 so far. He likes his new teacher too. I met her on Friday for the first time, and she was very nice. Plus her dad has a heart condition and is on warfarin too, so she was quite familiar with a lot of the stuff I was telling her, which is always pretty reassuring.
I'm also in the middle of discussions with school and the outward bound centre where Charlie's supposed to be going for his residential school trip in November. I have to admit, November is NOT a great time for him to be doing lots of outdoorsy stuff - I had a quick chat with one of the teachers at school, and among other things, they're canoeing, climbing, doing a day-long hike and a 'leap of faith' (chucking themselves from a height while wearing a harness - probably not ideal for a boy on warfarin with a pacemaker!!)
Anyway, we're going up to the centre next Friday, and the headmistress is coming too, so we can thrash out the risk assessment and get all the loose ends tied up so he'll be able to have a fabulous time without me worrying myself silly the whole time he's away!
He's having his school photo taken today - we missed last year's because he was off sick the day they did it, so will have to see what it turns out like this time round!
Rosie is on top form - she had her second haircut the other day, so it's really thickening up now. She is such a funny little pickle - makes us laugh every day.
I can hardly believe she'll be two in a fortnight. It's all going too fast. She doesn't get the whole birthday thing yet, but she knows she's going to be two, and that she'll get cake and balloons!
Talking of which - I'll be getting my cake-making hat on soon to knock up a 'Mr Tumble Spotty Bag' cake (if you aren't the parent of a pre-schooler, that'll mean nothing to you...) But she LOVES Mr Tumble - other than balls and windmills, he's just about her favourite thing in the world!
It's WOW day at school tomorrow - that termly nightmare when I have to concoct a fancy dress costume for Charlie. His theme this term is 'Victorians' but fortunately they've said the kids just have to go as someone from back in time, not necessarily Victorian, so I'm digging out the trusty cowboy hat/checked shirt/neckerchief combo again and he's going as Billy the Kid.
And I couldn't care less that he doesn't know the first thing about Billy the Kid - I'll get him to print out a bit off Wikipedia before he goes to school so he can at least remember who he's supposed to be!
Oh, and we had Parents' Evening the other night too - it's always good to get a glowing report. We also had the results for the national tests the kids did last year, and Charlie did really well. He's well above average with his maths, but is off the top of the scale for his reading. He got the highest possible score, which gave him a reading age of at least 15.2 years when he was nine and a half. It goes without saying, we were VERY proud! And after a somewhat stressful week, concentrating on the things he won't be able to do at his outward bound residential, it was rather wonderful to hear that he was one of the very best with his reading - even compared with kids with normal hearts.
Anyway, apologies for the lack of pictures and for the stupidly long gap since I last posted - I feel like I'm chasing my tail a bit at the moment, with lots of stuff going on. Plus Pete's been away with work quite a lot lately, which means I have very little spare time for blogging!
But I will try to get some new pics for next time!

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