Friday, April 10, 2015


Those who have read here for a while might remember that I mentioned a little boy called Owen Simmons, back in July 2013. His mum's blog is in the sidebar on the left.
Owen was born with HLHS like Charlie, but owing to high lung pressures was unable to have his Fontan surgery. So his medical team opted for transplant, which went ahead in July 2013. He recovered brilliantly and has done amazingly well ever since until this week.
He had a stomach ache on Monday, and his tummy became swollen and distended the next night. He was taken into hospital for a scan the following morning, and they found that his new heart is not working well at all.
Nobody really knows why it has happened, and it is a terrible shock for his family as all was well at his last check up in Februrary.
Things have deteriorated frighteningly quickly, and Owen is now on ECMO (full life support) while they await the results of a heart biopsy.
It is heartbreaking to read his mum's blog posts and Facebook updates. They are in the middle of a terrifying, nightmarish situation, which has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
I know his parents Andrea and Carson would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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Ann Fisher said...

These heart kids are pretty amazing but their parents strength is inspirational. Thoughts and prayers for the Simmons family. xxxxx