Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oh boy...

Well, it's been a busy few weeks in the Turner household, and there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon.
I've been rubbish at updating (as per norm...) so I think I might just hit you with a few bullet points to bring you up to date...

Charlie is on top form. He brought home a (there's no other word for it...) DAZZLING school report today.
At the risk of sounding boastful, I've never seen a report like it - academically, personally, socially - he is doing brilliantly across the board. It's astonishing.
The results of his national tests put him above average/exceeding expectations for his year group in maths and English. All of his teachers in all of his subjects said he is doing really, really well - he came top of the class in the end of year science and geography tests too.
I know it's not the done thing, but this is my blog and I am so proud of him, so I'm going to quote the first couple of paragraphs from his report. So scroll ahead a few paragraphs or brace yourselves for a proud mother moment...

"There are not enough positive adjectives to describe how wonderful Charlie is. He has consistently behaved to the highest standard and has shown the utmost respect to every pupil and staff member he has come into contact with. Everyone always has something positive to say about Charlie and he is a credit to you...
"Charlie can always be relied upon to bring a sensitive and mature contribution.
He has the most fantastic personality... and thoroughly deserves all of the awards he has won; the coveted Seren Award, 100% attendance certificates, numerous positive letters home and the party for 'Superb Pupils'.
"He was chosen based on his positive comments (from staff), his sunny personality, superb behaviour and contribution to the school and I have never come across someone more worth of attending than Charlie. He is an absolute star.
"This is a glowing report... all his hard work has paid off and this is a credit to him."

It says it all really! He never ceases to amaze us - his heart is not holding him back - he is succeeding in spite of it.
And we are so very proud of him.

He's hitting another MASSIVE milestone tomorrow. We are up and out of the house before 6am, to take him to school - he's off on a concert tour with his school choir to Italy.
It's pretty daunting (for me!) to think about, but he is so excited. He has his suitcase packed, his onboard oxygen ordered, his tour hoodie folded ready to wear in the morning.
Be safe Charlie-Boy, but have a FANTASTIC time!

As for Rosie, she is getting taller by the day. She is four going on 40, and is, as my mum would say, "very particular"!! She likes things to be 'just so' and really enjoys helping around the house and tidying. She is kind and happy, and is always willing to share whatever she has.
I can hardly believe she is into her last few days at Playschool - it doesn't seem five minutes since I was posting pics of her on her first day.
She has spent a couple of afternoons at 'big school' this past fortnight - spending time with her classmates and teacher, finding her way around the school before she starts in September.
She's is very excited about tomorrow too as it's her 'special morning' at Playschool. The kids put on a presentation for their parents, and then receive their books with all their work from their two years at Playschool.
Pete has the day off, so it should be a lovely day (and I can relax a bit once Charlie has safely landed in Italy!)
I have some new Playschool pictures of Rosie to show you too, but I only got them the other day so I haven't scanned them in yet.

I anticipate I will have even more pictures to upload over the next few days, because Charlie and I have sussed out picture sharing on our phones, so I should be able to see all of his Italy photos as he takes them.

My mum took a tumble a couple of weeks ago - she tripped up a step in her back garden and landed badly on her hand, resulting in a nasty wrist fracture. It needed manipulating back into place and was still a bit unstable even in plaster, so she had to be x-rayed for the next couple of weeks to make sure the bones were still straight and that she didn't need an operation to plate it.
Fortunately, when we went on Tuesday, it was still in a good position and is healing well, so no op is needed. She just needs to stay in her fetching purple plaster cast for another four weeks or so.

And that's about it from here for now - I'm sure I could think of some more news if I tried, but it's already pretty late and I have to be up by 5am so Charlie doesn't miss the bus to the airport!

Am attaching a couple of pics to tide you over - Charlie taking to the stage again as the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, and Rosie trying out a police officer's hat and van at the village fete. (She was particularly pleased that she was allowed to turn the sirens on!)

Back soon, folks. :-)

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