Saturday, December 23, 2017

Feeling festive!

Hi folks,
All is well here, although it has been a fairly manic few weeks.
Charlie and I spoke at a medical conference in Swansea at the end of November - it's been a while since I did any public speaking, but it was good fun and what we said seemed to be very well received.
And last week we had a letter saying that his Head of Year had put him forward for a school award for service to the community for all the work he has done towards raising awareness of kids with his condition - both through the videos and publicity he has done for Little Hearts Matter and the medical conferences he has spoken at. He was really pleased to win the award (as well as the iTunes gift card that came with it!)
He has also had a lot of rehearsals at the theatre for various productions and Christmas concerts, as well as choir performances at school. He's also been asked to join the adult company at the theatre now his voice has broken, so he's enjoying that too. (And he was recently given an award after the theatre awards night for thinking on his feet and rescuing a scene in which somebody missed a cue and wasn't on stage when they needed to be, so he stepped in and played their part so the show carried on with the audience none the wiser!)
Rosie also did really well in her play at school, and was chosen to do one of the readings at the whole school carol service at the church in the village where Will is buried.
She also won the school Christmas colouring competition, which pleased her no end. She's a really meticulous child and spent ages on her picture!
I don't think I mentioned before, but we went skating at the start of the month and Charlie fell over and got a buckle fracture of his left wrist. (A buckle fracture is where the bone is compressed rather than snapped - like if you stamp on a drink can which then crumples - so instead of a crack, he ended up with a bulge sticking out of the side of the bone on X-ray.) Anyway, other than the first week or so, it hasn't been too painful and he's been in a reinforced metal splint for the past three weeks. Hopefully it should be able to come off fairly soon.
We also had pacing clinic last week - he's grown another couple of inches in the past six months and his pacemaker is still working fine with a minimum of four years battery still left.
This is a rather random post isn't it! Full of various snippets of info I'm writing down as I'm thinking of them!
We went to visit Nanny today - she's at my brother's house for Christmas so we went to drop her presents off. As you can see from the pic, Charlie is much taller than her now!
Tomorrow we're off for our traditional Christmas Eve - a ride on the steam train to see Father Christmas in Cheltenham, then our favourite bit of the day - the carol service at Gloucester Cathedral before heading home to wait for the man in red to arrive!
Hope you're all enjoying the run-up to Christmas - enjoy the magic everyone!

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