Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 6, 2006

Charlie's doing so well at the moment - he had his first taste of playschool the other day, when I took him up to meet his teacher, and to have a chat about any heart-related issues. Not that there are any at the moment!! He stayed at playschool for a couple of hours and loved every minute of it - he just disappeared as soon as we arrived and didn't reappear until it was time for a drink and a biscuit! It was actually quite emotional watching him running around, having fun with all the other children. It really is one of the benefits of having a child like Charlie - you learn to appreciate all the small things, and never take even one minute for granted.
He never ceases to make us laugh with some of the funny things he says - his latest expression is 'Good Gracious' - just like his Grandpa!
He's really enjoying life, and is very happy now the weather's warmer, so he can run around without so many layers on! He's spent the last couple of days in the garden, and even had his shorts on yesterday! Roll on summer! I've attached a picture of him having fun in his sandpit yesterday.

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