Monday, June 19, 2006

June 19, 2006

We've just come back from the hospital and I'm pleased to report that everything is looking good for Charlie so far.
His oxygen saturations were 83%, which is the same as last time we were at the hospital six months ago. The sats generally get lower as they get closer to needing the next operation, so for Charlie to be maintaining his so well is a really good thing.
He had his usual ECG and echo, both of which showed nothing unexpected, and the consultant said Charlie's heart function is very good.
We go back again in another six months, but the consultant said he wouldn't be referring Charlie for a cardiac catheter (a procedure where a small probe is inserted via a big vein into the heart, so the doctors can get accurate information about how the heart is doing, prior to the next op) for at least a year, which is really good news. So it's looking like stage three will probably be at the end of next year, or the beginning of 2008. I'm still hanging in for spring 2008, but we'll have to see!!!
It's lovely to have the hospital out of the way for another six months - it feels like a real reprieve! Now we can really look forward to the rest of the summer and playschool in September!!

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