Friday, July 21, 2006

July 21, 2006

Charlie's really enjoying himself at the moment - we were a bit worried how he'd cope with the extreme heat, but he seems to be loving every minute of it. He spent the entire afternoon in the garden on Wednesday in his paddling pool - he really is a water baby! We were staggered because the water was straight out of the garden tap and was absolutely freezing, but it didn't bother him at all. His colour was good all the way through and he wasn't breathless at all - depite climbing up and down the slide all day! He really never ceases to amaze us. Here are some pictures of him having fun.
We've booked to take him to Eurodisney in September - he's probably a little bit on the young side to really appreciate it, but he's not on any waiting lists at the moment so the insurance is a bit lower, plus he's under three, so he goes free everywhere! He knows he's going to see Mickey Mouse, but to be honest, I think we're more excited about taking him than he is about going!
PS I've only realised recently that you can leave messages on here if you want to (I think!) If you click on the bit under each posting where it says 0 comments you can leave a message for Charlie!


fiona said...

lush pics charlie! we've had our paddling pool out too!
love Auntie Fifi.xxxx

kay said...

Great pictures !!! looks loads of fun - sending u big hug love Kaitlyn XXX and kay, Simon and Joshua