Wednesday, August 08, 2007

August 8, 2007

Hello everyone. Well, we've finally had a bit more summer - only a couple of days of warm weather - but that was enough for Charlie to hit the paddling pool again. In fact, by the time we'd actually finished blowing the pool up, the sun had gone in a bit, but one wetsuit and several kettles of hot water later, the paddling pool was just right!
I'm attaching a couple of pics of our little water-baby. Mind you, there's not much of the baby left any more! Only today Charlie told me that I wasn't wiping his face with a baby wipe - 'It's a big-boy wipe, Mummy'. Every day he's getting bigger, and more grown up. His reading and writing are really coming on, and I think we're going to have to go up a couple of stages in jigsaws. We got a new 36-piecer the other day, which he did from scratch in the time it took me to make a cup of coffee. His Great-Grandma was a real whizz at jigsaws though, so maybe he's inherited it from her!
There isn't much more specific news really - we're just pottering along quite happily, enjoying the summer holidays. He thoroughly enjoyed himself at the parent/toddler group sports day. I'm attaching a pic of him in the running race. I watch him joining in with 'normal' things like sports day, and can't help but feel a bit emotional. What a marvel he is. I found a diary the other day, that I kept while I was expecting Charlie, and it is amazing to see by how much he has surpassed the small hopes and expectations that we had then. I know I've said it before, but having a son like Charlie has its advantages - we still take nothing for granted, and appreciate every minute of every day, and every new achievement. I'm sure he'll look at this when he's older and cringe, but we are so, so proud of him, and thankful for every day.
We're taking Charlie to Legoland in a couple of weeks, which should be fun. I had to go there once before to review the place for work, but this was before we had kids, so Pete and I felt a little out of place - but now we'll be able to go on all the rides without attracting suspicious looks! Charlie's itching to go on a rollercoaster - just hoping he's tall enough to get onto the 'kiddie-coaster'! Pictures to follow, no doubt!
Charlie's latest craze (in addition to sharks, which are still hot stuff as far as he is concerned) is Finley the Fire Engine - a new kids' TV show. Unfortunately, the only thing he's been able to find online is the theme tune, so he's playing it at least 20 times a day, and singing it in the times he's not playing it.... which means we can't stop singing it either!
On a sad note, it is Baby Isaac's funeral tomorrow. Saying goodbye to your child is a terribly difficult experience, so we're hoping that everything runs smoothly, and that his parents and grandparents will find peace as they remember their little boy. It is strange how strongly we feel the connection with other HLHS parents. We celebrate their triumphs and grieve for their losses almost as though they were our own. We will be thinking of Patience and Jordan tomorrow.

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