Saturday, November 03, 2007

November 3, 2007... continued!

Well, we just got back from Charlie's party - he is now flat out, asleep in bed by 7.10pm - which goes to show what a fab time he had!
The party went really well - no fights, nobody threw up, all of the food was eaten up and Charlie had a ball, which is the main thing! I'm attaching a few pictures - including, of course, one of my fabulous shark cake!
He has an absolute mountain of presents to open on his birthday on Monday... I know, I know, I'm a mean nasty mum making him wait until his actual birthday to open them!
Before he went to bed, I asked him what his favourite thing about his party was, and he said it was blowing out the candles on his shark cake - which makes all the hard work worthwhile!
I can't help but choke up every time we sing happy birthday to Charlie, celebrating another year we thought we might never have.
He really is a superstar. He spent his whole party riding around and around on a little tricycle, hula hooping, and leaping around on the bouncy castle. It's so wonderful to see him coping so well, and having such fun at the same time.
Plans are now afoot for his birthday - I think we're going to see Ratatouille (have I spelled that right?!) and maybe bowling too if we have time. Can't wait!

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Lindsey said...

Hi Ali

Sooooooooooo glad the party went off well, not that I ever doubted it with your fantastic organisation skills!!!!

The shark cake is BRILLIANT!!! I'm in awe!

Hope Chas has a wonderful birthday on Monday and look forward to seeing you all next Sunday

Linz, Paul & Thomas