Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 5, 2008

Hi everyone, this is just a really quick post. We told Charlie this morning that he'll be going to hospital tomorrow, and the conversation went as follows:

Mummy: ....So, tomorrow you'll be going into hospital.
Charlie: Will I have to stay there and sleep in a bed at night?
Mummy: Yes, you will.
Charlie: 'YAAAAAAAY!!!' (Followed by much excited dancing around the lounge!)

Needless to say, we're very pleased that he doesn't seem phased by the idea! The past week's detailed storytelling, and playing with doctor's kits and various medical equipment has really done the trick. Charlie knows exactly what will be happening and why, and is pretty cool about it all. Oh, what it is to be four, and not worry about stuff! We've been pretty honest about things - yes, some things might be uncomfortable, or hurt a little bit, but it won't be for long. It's really important that Charlie knows he can trust what we say - there's no point saying something won't hurt at all, if it will. Equally, when we tell him that a procedure's ok, and it won't hurt, he'll know he can believe us.
He did ask about the 'magic tap' which will be going on his hand - we've explained that the doctors will put magic cream on his hand, so it won't hurt too much when they put a cannula (or 'magic tap' as they are known in this house!) onto his hand. Charlie's plan is that Mummy and Daddy can just 'hold me really tight and read my my favourite story while the doctor is doing it.' What a little superstar.
Will keep you posted... all positive thoughts and prayers gratefully received!!
PS I've posted details about what the procedure on Monday involves in my last post, if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you today.

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for Charlie and mom &dad on Monday. Glad to hear Charlie is excited rather than scared. Keep us posted. So glad I found your site through Jordan & Patience.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know I am thinking about your family and praying for you from Clayton, NC- USA. I found your blog through Isaac Leino's a while back and have checked in from time to time to see how Charlie is doing. I wish you and your little man all the best this new year! Good luck with everything coming up.- Edna Williams

Monica & Celine said...

Hoping that all has gone well and Charlie is home - ready to get on his scooter!

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well with Charlie. Our prayers are with you.

The Tilson's