Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Hi again - Charlie had his Easter bonnet parade at playschool today, and thoroughly enjoyed himself! I have a new toy to play with - a dinky little digital video recorder (bought primarily for my blogging activities, because the video on my mobile phone only lets me record about 15 seconds at a time!) - so I'm attaching a couple of bits of video - one of Charlie in the parade around the playground, and another of him winning the 'bunnyhop' race! He was so thrilled to actually win the race - we've always 'primed' him not to expect to win running races because his special heart means he probably won't be able to run as fast as his friends. He understands that he gets puffed out more easily than his pals and knows that even though he may not be the best at sport or running, he just has to do his best and we're always very proud of him. So today he was over the moon to come first - it was only a very short race, which probably helped! He's been saying to me all afternoon ' I can't believe I won that race Mummy. Did you see me come first?'
Not much more news really - he's broken up for the Easter Hols now, and is now counting the days until we go to EuroDisney. (He's brought Hamley - the other playschool teddy - home so we can take her with us when we go. Eek - yet more panic on my part that we might lose her!) He's very into dates/days and telling the time at the moment. He's just about got digital clocks cracked, and he's pretty good on the 'o'clocks' for normal clocks - now we just need to work on the 'pasts' and 'tos'! He's got his eye on a watch in one of the catalogues - a blue teaching watch with all the times marked around the edge... and his name printed across the middle!
Oh, one other thing - I picked up a pair of school shorts for him yesterday because they were on offer in one of the shops! How cool is that! It was strange though - part of me felt like I should be buying them surreptitiously - like buying a 'Mother and Baby' magazine if you're not pregnant! I guess I just can't believe that he really will be off to school in September! Can't wait for the day when I can show you all a photo of him as he goes off in uniform for his first day at school!


Lindsey said...

How brilliant that Chas won the bunny hop! I LOVE the videos - must get that bit cracked myself.
Anwyay fab to hear the super boy Chas is on good form. Hope you all have a gr8 Easter and a wonderful tiem at Euro Disney.

Linz XXX

Anonymous said...

Excellent win Charlie! The videos are great to watch from across the sea. Happy Easter.

Betty Ann Tilson