Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008

Hi everyone - as promised, here are a few pics of Charlie's trip to Disney. He had such a good time and is planning how long he'll have to wait before he goes back again, so he'll have grown enough to go on Space Mountain!

I just love this picture of him - it's a really good snapshot of Charlie just the way he is - full of fun and mischief! Enjoy the slide show!

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Kimber said...

Hello Charlie's Mummy. You are very welcome for the link to Charlie's page. I always enjoy adding links to blogs with such heartwarming stories as yours. It's so great to see Charlie doing so well regarding his HLHS. I certainly hope you're having a wonderful spring there in UK, I noticed you mentioning something of rain, we also are having a very rainy season, it seems our county here has been under a flood warning more often than not lately. Hopefully it will dry up sometime soon. You have a great weekend.