Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22, 2008

Hello again - wow, two posts in under a week! How efficient is that! I just wanted to post a couple of pics of PC Charlie, taken earlier today! He had his triple birthday party (mentioned in the last post) this afternoon, and it had to be in fancy dress.
As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm not one of these creative mums who can knock together a perfect replica of Buzz Lightyear or Henry VIII with the contents of the airing cupboard and a few bits from the sewing box. Alas no. Unless you can buy it from ASDA, Charlie isn't going to be wearing it. Fortunately for me, my next-door neighbour is pretty whizzy on the fancy dress concoction front, so I'm relying on her to help me out once Charlie starts school and we're told on a Tuesday night that Charlie will need a perfect replica of Hiawatha's hunting outfit for Thursday morning's assembly.
Anyway. Charlie was initially up for going as Sulley from Monsters Inc (again), but that costume (inherited from a different neighbour!) is really a bit on the small side now. (As an aside, a couple of people told me today how much Charlie is shooting up. I know he is, because his trousers are getting too short, but I don't really notice so much because I'm with him all the time.)
So, he decided his police uniform would have an airing... and here's the result. He thought he was the bees knees, but refused point blank to smile for the photos because 'being a policeman is a very serious job, Mummy'. I think there's a hint of a smile in one of the pictures, but just after I'd taken it he was off running around the house 'arresting' imaginary speeding motorists and sending them to prison. In Charlie's book, driving too fast is about as bad a thing as you can do, so his poor pretend drivers were getting short shrift! We heard him bellowing 'You're nicked, you naughty criminal, I'm taking you to prison' from the top of the stairs. I have to take the blame for the 'You're nicked' bit, because I told him that's what policemen say - well, I suppose it's slightly more realistic than 'ello, 'ello,'ello!
He really enjoyed the party, although he did come out of it with a whopping bump and bruise right on his eyebrow after clashing heads with another little boy. (Both were running full tilt and neither looking where they were going! - Charlie came off the worst though, because the other lad caught Charlie's eye with his forehead. Ouch.) The bruise is developing nicely, and his eyebrow is really swollen... not a good look. I'm just glad he's already had his school photos done!
One thing that did strike me though, was that I'd probably have had to take him to casualty if he'd already been on warfarin. We've been warned we'll have to be really careful with bumps to the head, in case of bleeding inside the skull. Oh dear. Hopefully he'll have grown out of running around like a loon by the time he has his Fontan, or we'll be spending more time in A&E than out of it. It's a scary thought, but I guess we'll come to know when we need to worry and when we don't.
Not much more news at the moment (the perils of regular posts, eh!). Will post a pic of Chas and his black eye if it develops into anything delightfully rainbow-coloured! Cheerio for now!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I checked in this week. Charlie ~ I hope you have a great week. You look quite fetching as a policeman. My little boy started dressing as a police man and sometimes a fireman when he was about your age. Now at 11 he likes to be G.I. Joe.

God Bless,
Betty Ann Tilson
North Carolina, USA