Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008

Hi everyone! I just picked up Charlie's latest photos from playschool, so I thought I'd post them quickly because I imagine there will be plenty of other pictures coming this week from the 'Special Morning' tomorrow and the Pirate Party on Friday! Charlie's already decided he wants to wear a tie when he's presented with his Special Book, and has told Daddy that he needs to wear a tie too ('So you look just like me, Dad') and that I need to wear a pretty dress. Hmmm. Am distinctly lacking in the pretty dress department, so Charlie's had a rummage through my (somewhat limited) wardrobe and has picked out a blouse that he thinks is suitable for such a high-powered occasion!
Can you believe how big Charlie looks? In the picture above especially, he looks SOOO grown up. (My brother thought that Charlie looked like something from a 1950s knitting pattern in his last picture, so I dread to think what the verdict will be this time with the stripey knitted jersey! What do you reckon, Uncle Ian?!)
Still can't get my head around the fact that Charlie has almost finished his time at playschool. I think it's starting to sink in a bit for him too - he said to me on the way home today: 'Was this my last EVER Monday at Playschool? Will tomorrow be my last Tuesday?'
It's certainly the end of an era... but with a whole new era just waiting to start.

(PS Charlie's holiday snaps are in the post below, just in case you missed them!)

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