Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July 8, 2008

Hi folks! We're baaaaaaack! And a fantabulous sunny week we had in Salou (even better because the weather back home was pretty grotty for most of the week!)
We had temperatures up to 35 degrees (does anyone know how I make a little 'degree' symbol? - I can't find one for the life of me) and Charlie had the time of his life.
We would have been home yesterday, but we left Stansted airport to drive home at 4.30pm, and three and a half hours later we'd only gone 30 miles (oh, the joys of the M25 motorway!) so we checked into a hotel and extended our holiday by another night - much to Charlie's excitement.
Six loads of laundry later, we're nearly tidy now... just in time for Charlie's end of term trip to the woods tomorrow (which I'm also going on, I think). I won't write a proper holiday post now, because it's getting late and I've got to be up early tomorrow to make Charlie his packed lunch and dig out his wellies. (35 degrees seems a looooong way away now!)
So I'll be back over the next day or so with a proper update and a few photos - including Charlie's stage debut in front of about 400 people.... but I won't say any more now - I 'll keep you in suspense!
I'm attaching a pic of Charlie meeting some of the characters from Sesame Street - just to add a bit of colour!

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