Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

Hi again - well, we made it to the Dr Who exhibition today, and Charlie thought he was SO grown up! He had so much fun running around pushing buttons and looking at all the amazing things on show.
He was thrilled to bits that his favourite dalek - the black one, called Dalek Sec, apparently! - was there, although he almost jumped out of his skin when another dalek flashed its lights and shouted 'Exterminate!'
He had a wonderful time looking at all the costumes, space-age gizmos, and particularly the 'real' Tardis - it seems such a long time ago that his favourite things were the Teletubbies!
He doesn't have a clue what the 'baddies' are really like in the programme - and I'm more than happy for him to remain in blissful ignorance for the time being!
I've put a few pictures in a post underneath, because, yet again, if I put the slideshow in with the words, the pictures don't show up!
Well, it's Bank Holiday weekend, and the weather is continuing in truly British fashion - rain, rain and more rain. Doh. I suppose the gardening can wait for another day!

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