Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Hi again everyone. Well, we've had our first frost to speak of this morning, although Charlie's a bit peeved because several places around the country have had heavy snow and he's desperate to get out there on his sledge again! We didn't have any snow at all last winter, so he feels like he's well overdue for a snowball fight!
He's on really good form at the moment - playing Wii Sports as I type - and seems to have shaken off most of his cold.
Parents evening was a total triumph - I was SO proud. I was absolutely staggered by how well Charlie is doing at school. I mean, we know he's quite bright, but to be shown the proof in black and white is very gratifying. He was the only child to gain 100% in his baseline assessment, which, according to his teacher 'just doesn't happen'. He was also the only kid who could identify 3-D shapes. His teacher said he is incredibly mature, very socially and emotionally aware and is something of a leader in the class. Apparently he is very popular (particularly with the girls!) and has his own little harem! It was also incredibly satisfying to hear that he is very sensible as far as his heart is concerned... he knows his own limits but doesn't let his heart stop him doing anything. The teacher said that they have discussed his heart in class and why he is 'special', but that the children are very accepting of Charlie and the way he is. I was so proud to hear that she has no concerns about him at all, and that she believes he has such a strong personality that he is able to deal with any questions or issues that arise to do with his heart. Way to go, Charlie!!! I could go on, but there's nothing worse than having to listen to proud parent ramblings! We did think twice about posting this, because we didn't want to sound like we were boasting, but we're so proud of everything Charlie has achieved. We would have been proud even without his HLHS, but to think he's achieved all this in spite of his HLHS is amazing. I know quite a lot of our visitors find us by Googling HLHS or other similar things, and we really feel that it is important to let people know that there is hope out there for children like Charlie - not just to 'get by' but to do really well.
It was Charlie's first ever sleepover on Sunday night - he was SOOOO excited to be going to stay with Nanny and Grandpa - in fact, Christmas and birthdays paled into insignificance! He started 'packing' two days beforehand, and couldn't wait to get there. We had barely dropped him off before he was ushering us out of the door! He had a wonderful time there with mum and dad, and I think they had fun too. They brought him back the next day, and we all went for lunch at Abbey Mill (the place we went to celebrate Will's birthday). Although Chas was glad to be home again, by the evening he was asking to go back to Nanny and Grandpa's 'because I'm missing them so much, Mummy'.
We're having a fairly quiet half-term holiday now - just pottering around the house and relaxing, although we're off to the Little Hearts Matter AGM and Open Day this weekend. Pete has a trustee meeting on Saturday, so Charlie and I are going to visit a chocolate factory in Birmingham, which should be good fun. It'll be nice to catch up with all his heart friends again, and to chat with their parents.
Then on Monday, we're off to the hospital for Charlie's checkup. We're really hoping that everything has remained stable since his last appointment, as we don't want to have to bring the Fontan forward. I'll let you all know how we get on.
And then, it's nearly his birthday! I can't believe my baby will be five a week today. It sounds so grown up. Everything is organised for his party now... with the exception of the cake! I have it all planned out in my head, but somehow I get the feeling that it won't be as easy as I'm imagining!

PS Hurrah - I've finally managed to get the code for Twitter embedded on this page, so you won't have to go to Charlie's Twitter page to see any updates - instead you can find them at the bottom of the sidebar, below the map. This is going to be so handy when we've only got little bits of news that don't merit a whole post - plus I can send them from my mobile phone as well, which should be fun! Now I've got Twitter onto the blog it's much more worthwhile Twittering because you can actually read it without having to click onto the link... so watch this space!

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