Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13, 2008

Hi everybody. I know I was supposed to be posting pictures from Charlie's party, but I just haven't got around to it!
Pete's been away working again, so Charlie and I have just been pottering around (playing with the fifty-ish birthday presents he received... no, I'm not joking!) He really was thoroughly spoilt - it's so lovely to see how many people care about him - even when we went to pick up his medicine from the pharmacy, the staff gave him a card with a gift voucher in it!
Now the birthday is over, the writing of thank you letters begins! He's getting through about six a day, so hopefully we should be finished before he has to start all over again at Christmas! For the first time ever, he's writing the letters all by himself - previously I've written the notes and he's just signed his name, but now he's doing them on his own. He's getting SO grown up!
We're starting the slide down into the festive season now, with lots of fun things coming up in the next few weeks.
Tomorrow he has to go to school dressed as his favourite pop star for Children in Need. We've encountered a slight problem in that he doesn't know any pop stars, and still wants to go as Inspector Javert from Les Miserables, but having convinced him that Javert really doesn't count as a pop star, we've dug out his toy guitar and his sunglasses and I bought him a trendy woolly hat, so he's going as a generic popstar instead and has been practising a suitably sullen popstar expression all afternoon! I think the kids are supposed to be doing karaoke tomorrow afternoon though, so he may be a bit stuck if they don't have any Les Mis tracks for him to sing along with!
On Saturday we're off to see Finding Nemo - Disney on Ice, which should be fun - I'm not quite sure what to expect, but Charlie's still very keen on Nemo, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it! It's a surprise for Charlie - he knows he's having a treat, but he has no idea what it is!
We've also got his school Christmas show, a trip to London to see the Lion King, the CBeebies Show here in Cardiff, a big children's Christmas party with Pete's work, and numerous other Christmas festivities planned! We do love this time of year! Especially knowing that, all being well, we're free from all things hospital until the spring!

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