Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Hi everybody. This is just a quick post to let you know that we haven't drowned in a sea of wrapping paper!
It's hard to believe that Christmas is over, and in just over a day we'll be into 2009. I have to admit, it's pretty hard for us to look forward into next year, as Charlie's Fontan surgery is looming ever closer, and we are getting progressively more nervous at the prospect.
I honestly think the best plan is to just try and forget about it until we have something set in stone, otherwise we just end up spoiling happy times with worry. Having said that though, forgetting about it is easier said than done.
Charlie's had a truly wonderful Christmas, and was given so many lovely presents... he's started his thank-you letters already! (It only seems five minutes since he was writing them for his birthday presents!)
He had a lovely time with some friends of ours this weekend - especially with their dog, Bella. He really loves animals, and had such fun taking her for walks, playing with her and feeding her the treats he bought for her. (By the time we left though, I think the poor creature was in serious need of a rest!)
We've had a really quiet, restful week so far, which is probably a good idea as we're all a bit under the weather, with coughs, colds and sneezes to varying degrees! So we stayed home all day yesterday, and only popped up to the shops today - Charlie has really enjoyed just pottering round, playing with all his new things. Pete's officially working this week, but he's been working from home and isn't going up to Halifax because things are pretty quiet, and most of his colleagues are off work.
We don't have much planned for tomorrow, but Charlie's hoping that Nanny and Grandpa will come for a visit on New Year's Day, as he's desperate to make Grandpa jump with his new flying bat! - I would post a picture, but it generally doesn't stay airborne long enough!
Then we're off to the pantomime on Saturday, which should be good fun. Charlie will probably be totally confused though, because we spent the Lion King show telling him to 'shhhh', and at the panto we'll be telling him to shout out 'He's behind you!!!' as loud as he can!
That's about it for now - here's our best shot at a family Christmas photo! (Trust me - you don't want to see the others!)

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