Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18, 2009

It's hard to believe that the Easter holidays are almost over. It only seems two minutes since Charlie was celebrating having sixteen whole days off school.
I really don't like it when he goes back to school - I miss having him around so much. Maybe that makes me a sad, lonely mother, but that's the way it is! He's barely back in the classroom before I'm counting the days until the next holiday!
We've had a nice fortnight - just pottered around really. We've tidied up the garden some more, been out to play with some of Charlie's friends, spent yesterday with Nanny and Grandpa... just nice, normal stuff! (And as per normal, Charlie's left his homework until the last day, and I've left all my ironing until the last day too!)
One bonus of our newly tidied garden is that we're seeing far more birds than we used to. Charlie's decided bird-watching is another good hobby, so he's dug out his binoculars (he still calls them 'binocliers'!) and has been making a list of all the birds who visit our garden. We've even had a squirrel trying to break into our peanut feeder, which made Charlie's day!
My boy seems to be growing up before my eyes - he's getting taller by the minute. (I've said this every spring since I've been writing this blog, but Charlie really seems to sprout once the sun comes out!) Nanny bought Charlie a new coat for next winter in the sales yesterday, and it's age seven... and it fits him already! It's a little loose though, so it'll be perfect by the time the winter comes. Charlie is tickled pink that he has something that's 'age 7' already!
I'm also noticing that Charlie's grown out of all the 'nice' little boy clothes I lean towards in the shops - everything seems to change once they hit five years old, and all the lovely knitted jumpers and sweet little checked shirts metamorphose into skaterboy hoodies and tatty t-shirts! I'm just so glad we've got lots of lovely friends to keep Charlie in gorgeous hand-knits as long as I can make him wear them!
(Here he is this morning, modelling his latest jumper in a rather blurry photo I took on my phone. I just LOVE cable knit! You'll have to excuse his slicked back hair - he'd just had it washed!)
He's growing up in so many other ways too - Nanny and Grandpa bought him a set of glow-in-the-dark planets for his bedroom wall, because he's so interested in space and astronomy at the moment. (We had a very in-depth conversation about satellites this morning... or rather Charlie did. It's a bit beyond me... I just plug the sat-nav in and hope it works!) They also gave him a fab new poster of the solar system, so last night we took down the alphabet poster that's been on his bedroom wall since before he was even born, and replaced it with his new, fact-filled planet picture.
It's hard seeing how fast time is flying by. I have such mixed feelings about Charlie growing up - on one hand, every day, every new milestone is such a massive achievement - I remember hoping and praying that he'd be around long enough to grow out of his 'newborn size' clothes - we didn't let ourselves buy anything other than a couple of babygrows before he was born and I remember dancing around with glee when he finally hit '0-3month' clothes.
Then we dreamed of seeing him sit up, get his teeth, talk, walk, sing, go on holiday, go to playschool, read, write, go to 'big' school... and he's done all of that and so, so much more.
But on the other hand, it is almost frightening to realise how time has flown. My beautiful little baby boy is now an equally beautiful big boy. Although he is fiercely independent and very confident, he is also incredibly loving - he's always telling us how much he loves us, and climbing onto our knees for a big hug. And while I am loving and treasuring every single minute, there's a little voice in the back of my mind, reminding me that I've only got a few more years before the idea of kissing his mum, let alone scrambling onto her knee for a cuddle, will be the equivalent of torture for our Charlie. So I'd better make the most of it while I can!
Well, this has turned into a rather misty-eyed, melancholy post, which isn't what I intended...
We've been trying to work out how we can fit in a holiday in this year - even though we have no news about Charlie being on the waiting list for his op yet, we are loathe to book anything too far in advance. Plus, it is SO expensive to book anything during the school holidays. We're thinking we might see if we can get permission to take Chas out of school for a week (something I vowed I'd never do!) and head off to North Wales or somewhere on the south coast. I can't be bothered to organise going abroad this year - the insurance would cost a bomb, and it's more stress than it's worth! So hopefully we should be able to get something organised. I don't honestly think that Chas cares where we end up - so long as he's got our undivided attention and regular games of 'Dr Who Uno'!
I think that's about it really - I'm tired (probably the reason for the melancholy nature of this post!) so I think I'll head off to bed.
By the way - I don't know if you noticed the post below this one, but I've finally figured out how to post to the blog direct from my mobile phone. I've had to do it a bit of a convoluted way, but the end result is the same, which means I'll be able to update the blog much more easily when Charlie goes into hospital. Although I can't send pictures direct to the blog, I can still do that via Twitpic. Although the whole idea of this blog was to keep everyone up to date with what Charlie's up to, it also works out to be very cheap therapy for me! If I don't update for a day or two, I start feeling really guilty when I see people have been visiting, and there hasn't been anything new for them to read!
Anyway, I'm rambling now, so I'll sign off. Back soon, and thanks for reading, everybody!

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