Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

Hi everyone - we're back from Anglesey now... had a nice holiday but the weather REALLY could have been better!
This is only a really brief post, because it's late and some of us have to run 5km tomorrow morning (Yes, it really is the day of the race tomorrow. Eek.) Will make sure there are pictures to prove I did it! (Suitably Photoshopped, of course!)
Dad really hasn't been well at all. He had a hospital appointment on Tuesday, but had been virtually bedridden all the preceding week, so they had to organise an ambulance transfer to the hospital. The consultant took one look at him and admitted Dad straight away.
They were concerned at the speed at which his pain had increased, and were concerned that there may be tumours in his spinal column, pressing on his nerves.
Fortunately this is not the case, although the cancer has spread to the bony parts of his spine. Consequently Dad was given an initial blast of radiotherapy today to hit the spots in his spine, in the hope of reducing his pain. The hospital staff are pretty on the ball as far as his medication is concerned too, so his pain levels are much more manageable now, and he has been able to stand up a little bit over the last day or so.
Now we wait to find out when his chemo will start, but are hoping that he'll be able to come home soon, once his mobility and pain issues are sorted.
It's Dad's birthday next Thursday, and Father's Day the following Sunday, so it would be nice if he could be home in time.
Anyway, I really must go to bed - I need all the help I can get tomorrow morning!
Will let you know how I get on!

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