Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

Evening, all.
So. What have we been up to? It's hard to say really. Life has been busy as always, but we haven't really done anything specific.
On Monday Charlie went to a little youth club in the village - it's run by the same people who did the holiday club he enjoyed so much in the summer. It's only for an hour, and quite a few of his little school mates go. He had a great time and came back with a lion mask he'd made.
I think he's quite proud of himself having a proper 'extra-curricular' activity!
He's still loving school and is having his school photo taken on Monday. We've had a note from school saying that the kids don't have to wear their uniforms for the pictures, but to me, that seems to defeat the object of a school photo! Hopefully this time round they'll get a picture without his shirt collar hanging over the neck of his jumper!
Pete is away tomorrow - he has a Little Hearts Matter meeting, so it's just me and Charlie on our own for the day! No doubt we'll find something fun to do! I'm hoping Charlie might decide to have a lie-in... but somehow I doubt it. And even if he did, his idea of a lie-in isn't the same as mine!
Dad had his fifth chemo this week - I can hardly believe he'll be finishing the course next month. He's been pretty rough this last week or so, and has been very tired. He had the results of his CT scan this week too - according to the consultant, the spots on his liver and hips are exactly the same size as they were when he was last scanned in March. The lump under his arm is slightly bigger, but all in all, much the same. So it seems that the chemo is holding the cancer at bay, although not necessarily shrinking it at the moment.
Although it would have been nice to hear that the cancer had really shrunk (or disappeared altogether!) it's still pretty positive news to know that it hasn't spread any further. Now we're hoping that after his final chemo treatment, Dad might start feeling a bit more like his normal self, when the sickness and tiredness has worn off.
As for me this week - I've spent much of it working out my new phone - when I can wrestle it off Charlie, that is! Can't remember if I said before, but he's very excited at the news that I can download episodes of Dr Who onto it for him to watch!
I can't believe September has almost gone. Charlie's birthday and then Christmas are fast approaching, and we're starting to make plans for Charlie's birthday party.
We're going to have it at our house this year (I must be mad) with 10 or so kids from his class. I'm busy trawling ebay for Dr Who paper plates and napkins (and am rejoicing in being able to re-use last year's Dr Who banners and tablecloths!)
I asked Chas what he'd like for birthday and Christmas, and he told me he'd like: anything to do with Dr Who (the more Dalek-y the better), a model of the solar system, a REAL stethoscope and a new bedside lamp. A somewhat eclectic selection, to say the least!
He does make me smile sometimes. We were chatting the other day about a film he'd seen advertised, and he said 'Do you think that'd be suitable for me to watch, Mum?'
I've never heard him use the word 'suitable' before - it always makes me laugh when he comes out with a new word in exactly the right context.
I really need to keep the blog updated regularly these days, because my mum is becoming a real whizz on her new computer, and complains if there's nothing new for her to read when she logs in! (It doesn't matter that I speak to her about three times a day, so she knows all the news already!) So, here you go Mum - this update's just for you!
It's really cold here tonight - there's a real nip in the air. I find this time of year so difficult to manage with Charlie - it's really cold in the mornings and he needs his coat and hat on the way to school, but by lunchtime it's warmed up and he's too hot. Much as I love the autumn sunshine, it's far easier when I know it's going to be freezing cold all day long, and I can pile the layers on him!
I think I'll go to bed - I hear my nice warm duvet calling me!
Back soon, hopefully with some new pics.

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