Monday, September 14, 2009


How cool is this? (Click on the pic if you want to see it bigger)
It's from a website called Wordle, which makes 'word pictures' of any words you choose to input.
You can either type in the words you want to include, or you can put your blog address, and it will pull the words from there. The bigger the words, the more times they occur in the text you've chosen.
You can choose your own fonts and colours.
This is the word cloud (as they call it!) made from the last couple of posts here - about Charlie's holter monitor, and Will's birthday.
I particularly like the big word 'Remember' across the middle. I thought it was pretty striking.
I've always loved words, so this is perfect for me - maybe I'll print it out and put it on my wall!
Why not try it out for yourself here.
I'll be back soon with a proper post - we've had a busy few days.


The Cryer Family said...

Ali it's brilliant! You should definitely get it printed out. I want to have a go now, though knowing my last few posts, it will probably enlarge 'carrot' or something equally uninspiring...

Abi said...

Excellent! I did one for Corwin's blog but has not come up as big as yours. Some interesting words on his, many you will also be familiar with!
See blog

abi x