Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009

Well, today's been another pretty good day.
I went to pick up Mum this morning so we could go to sort out some more financial stuff at a bank which doesn't have a branch in her home town.
It is hard going over and over everything about Dad with all the different bank staff, but I think the end is in sight now, and in a couple of weeks, I think I'll have finished all the 'official' stuff. Which will be good.
Mum and I had a nice time wandering around the shops. We had a spot of lunch, and enjoyed chatting about old times.
Even more exciting, I picked up a dock and charger for my iPhone for less than half price at TK Maxx! Woohoo! Yes, I still love my iPhone. And it's so rare for me to find something I actually want/need in a sale!
Mum's staying here tonight and tomorrow night - we have another bank appointment on Thursday, so it saves all the to-ing and fro-ing. Plus we love having her, and I think she quite enjoys the change of scenery staying here (even if it means Charlie-boy invades her bed early in the morning!)
I hadn't told Charlie that Mum was coming today, so when he opened the car door on the way home from school, his face was a picture! He was thrilled to bits to hear that Nanny was staying the night, and went into paroxysms of hysterical delight when he heard she'd be here for TWO whole nights!
He's started preparations for Christmas stuff at school already, and was told today what he has to dress up as for the school play. The theme is about Christmas around the world, and Charlie has to dress up as somebody from Africa. I think I need to start Googling for an easy-to-make traditional African costume.
Why couldn't he have ended up as an Eskimo? At least then I could have wrapped him up in his snowsuit and woolly hat. As it is, I not only have to figure out how to produce an African-style costume, I also have to work out a way to keep him warm underneath it, without long sleeves or thermal long-johns.
Oh the joys of being a non-creative parent.
And to top the lot, it's Children in Need soon, and apparently I have to send Charlie to school with 'Mad Hair' in honour of the occasion - and pay for the privilege! Rather than slather him in hair gel or dye, I think I might just dig out his clown wig that he wore for the end-of-term play last year. At least then I'll have had my money's worth!
Talking of money, it's the Christmas Shop at school this week - Charlie has to take his pocket money in with him, to buy some presents for the family all by himself. He did a great job last year, and bought some beautiful presents for us all. I can hardly wait to see what he chooses this time round!
Pete's waiting for his new company car to arrive at the moment - he's very excited as it's a posh 4x4. I dread to think how much the petrol will cost, but at least he'll have fun driving up and down to Halifax every week! He does deserve it though - he really does work hard.
That's about it as far as news goes at present, I think. Back soon!

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The Cryer Family said...

Glad to hear you cheerful!
I would definitely not class you as non-creative!!
My mum works in a charity shop a couple of days a week and said loads of parents go in looking for things they have to dress ther kids up in. I don't know a parent yet who enjoys it much. Good luck.