Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

We had a fab time on Monday when we went to Charlie's school play - the kids all did brilliantly, and we were so proud of Charlie. He sang so loud and clearly that we could actually hear his voice over all the others!
His African dancing was terrific (I just wish I could work out how to upload the video from the camcorder because the singing was brilliant!)
I'm pleased to report that his costume stood up to the rigours of his performance, and if I do say so myself, he really looked the part!
The husband of the deputy head wrote the play, and it was so well done - Charlie and his other 'African' friends came on stage and had to mime bongo drumming, and then they started singing...

'We come from Africa, and we come to give you glory!
We come to worship the new-born King!
Glory, glory! Halleluiah!
We come to worship the new-born King!'

... and this was follwed by all the kids throwing their arms wide, and shouting 'Ayeeeeee!'
We were really impressed by all the hard work that had obviously gone into the show.
And after it was finished, a teacher picked a child to choose one of the show songs to reprise, with all the parents joining in.
And I'll give you three guesses which child was chosen...
So, needless to say, we all had to sing along with the African song, and Charlie and co were back centre stage showing us all how to do it!
Later on the same day, we went to see Charlie's nativity show at his kids' club. Charlie really enjoyed being a shepherd... especially because he had a sheep AND a crook! (When he was a shepherd at school last year, they banned crooks to stop the kids clobbering each other with them!)
They sang some of the traditional carols, along with 'It was on a starry night', which I remember singing when I was Charlie's age, and never fails to make me cry!
I've attached a few pics below (I've had to blur out the faces of the children other than Charlie, because the school is quite hot on privacy issues), but you get the idea!
We've got another festive weekend coming up. Pete has tomorrow off work (because we were supposed to be going to the hospital in Birmingham) but he's keeping the day off anyway, and we're going to hit Cardiff to finish (start?) the Christmas shopping.
Then, because we have the hotel booked and paid for anyway, we're going up to Brum after school, to stay the night and then we're meeting Charlie's cousin Joe for some fun at the science museum on Saturday. Then after another night at the hotel, we're catching up with Charlie's heart friend Thomas and his family on Sunday (with another visit to the beardy bloke in the red suit!)
Stay tuned! (And keep scrolling down - my post about where we went last weekend is below the play photos!)

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