Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

Oops. I just typed 2009 again. It usually takes me until at least March to get my dates right when the year changes.
Well, Charlie went back to school today - he had a good day and enjoyed being with his friends (in spite of protesting that he wanted more snow so he could stay at home.)
He told me this evening that he and his friend Catrin are going to get married, so they have to whisper secrets to each other, but only when they're allowed to talk - not during lesson time! (He is truly his swotty mother's son!)
According to Charlie, he has a list of three potential girls to marry - Catrin, Fiona and Neve... although Neve wants to marry Sam, so he can't marry her unless she changes her mind!
School is closing early again tomorrow, because there's a severe weather warning, with potentially another 10-12 hours of snow to come. Although I have to admit, the forecasters aren't doing a particularly brilliant job of getting their forecasts right, so we shall see!
I spent today sorting some of the kitchen cupboards out, and clearing out the video/DVD drawers. There are so many DVDs that Charlie's grown out of and doesn't watch any more, so they've all gone up in the loft to make space for the Harry Potter and Dr Who DVDs which have been cluttering up the surfaces. There's nothing like a new year to make me want to have a clear out.
Unfortunately I've still to find spaces for most of Charlie's Christmas presents, so there's quite a bit more clearing out to be done.
We've been measuring in Charlie's room to see if the bed we want for him will actually fit in there. This is the one we're looking at.
He thinks it'll be very cool to climb a ladder on the way to bed, plus he's very keen on the fact that the little bit that looks like a cupboard pulls out into a desk so he can do drawing and colouring in his room!
We were trying to work out which wall the bed would fit best on, and Charlie told us in no uncertain terms that we could put it where we like, but we are NOT allowed to touch or move his shelves... 'because Grandpa put them up and they remind me of him.'
He makes me smile - I didn't want to move the shelves either, for exactly the same reason.
He is such a little sweetie, and so wise for his age. We were snuggling on his bed last night just after his bedtime story, and he was talking about Grandpa, and all the things he misses about him.
I said that I really miss him too, and Charlie put his arms round my neck and whispered in my ear: 'Grandpa's not so far away, you know, and we'll see him again one day'.
There's something so totally precious about being comforted by your six-year-old son.
Anyway, it's late, so I'll sign off for now - let's wait and see if the weathermen have got it right!

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Mrs. Hammer said...

Thanks for your kind words and sympathy for the loss of my father-in-law. I'm sorry to hear that you lost yours as well. Hopefully 2010 will be kinder to us.

I read up a little on your blog. I used to work as a dietician with babies who have HLHS so it is near and dear to my heart. I hope that Charlie continues to grow and thrive, he looks so healthy for having such a difficult cardiac defect.