Thursday, January 07, 2010

January 7, 2010

...And another snow day! Charlie's thoroughly enjoying his extended Christmas holiday.
We haven't had any more snow since yesterday, but it's well below zero outside, and the snow we have got isn't melting.
At the moment it looks very pretty, but is pretty icy, so I'm trying to keep Charlie indoors today.
Pete is going to venture out to the pharmacy in a little while to pick up Charlie's medicine, which came in today, which is good because we've nearly run out.
Nothing much planned for the day today - although we do need to venture into the garden to fill up the bird feeders, which are almost empty. We get SO many birds in our garden - our favourite is Woody, the Greater Spotted Woodpecker who comes at least once a day to raid our peanut feeder. We also see our resident squirrel most days, who hangs upside down by his tail from a branch so he can attack the peanuts as well. One of these days I'm going to hunt out Pete's long lens for the camera so I can get some pictures of our furry and feathered friends!
Cheerio for now!

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