Wednesday, January 06, 2010


School was closed at midday yesterday - despite the fact we had NO snow at all!
Many of the teachers at Charlie's school live in the Valleys, so they were all sent home because they DID have snow, so there was nobody left to look after the kids.
Charlie was very pleased to be home so early on his first day back at school, and last night the snow finally arrived at our house!
We've got about two inches of the white stuff, it's still snowing a bit, and school is closed again, so I'm about to go and wrap Chas up in a million layers, and head out with the sledge!
The temperature's supposed to drop to -6 tonight, so hopefully the snow will stick around for the next couple of days, so Charlie can have the whole week off school!
Watch out for some snowy pictures later!
PS Needless to say, Pete put his plans to travel to Halifax on hold!

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