Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another settled night...

Charlie slept well last night and only woke a couple of times.
We're having a few issues with his heart rate, but the doctors aren't
worried at all, and have just started him on a new drug called
amiodorone (I think!) which is an anti-arrhythmia drug, and should
help everything to stay in sinus rhythm as his heart recovers from the
battering it has had.
Charlie was the most awake he's been this morning - we had a few
little chats & he watched most of a DVD and listened to a story
without falling asleep.
He's still feeling quite sick, and has been sick a few times. He's
hasn't eaten anything apart from a bit of cucumber and a few ice
lollies because he's feeling so nauseous. He has been given some anti-
sickness medicine though, so hopefully we can break the eat/drink/puke
cycle soon.
Charlie's feeling pretty sad today - he's not crying or being stroppy,
but it's obvious, the more awake he becomes, the more rotten he feels.
He's started saying 'Boo Hoo' - not a phrase I've ever heard him use
before - but I think it's his way, in his slightly confused and drug-
fogged state, of letting us know that he feels horrible.
He's been a bit reluctant to take his oral meds because they make him
feel sick, but even so, it has been easy to talk to him and remind him
why the medicines are important and why he has to take them.
I am so, so proud of our son. He must feel absolutely terrible but he
is still being stoical and compliant. Just like his Grandpa.
I'll keep you all posted.

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Ann said...

Keep it up Charlie, we're all so proud of you. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Bless him. Keep up the good work Charlie. Big hugs to you all x