Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back on the ward...

Charlie is back on the ward (HDU was full so he's gone straight back
onto the main ward.)
He's been pretty stressed today - obviously he's quite uncomfortable,
but his main problem has been the strict fluid restrictions - he has
only been allowed tiny amounts of water - three or four teaspoons per
hour - and that's after being nil by mouth for two hours pre-op, then
spending 11 hours on a ventilator, which leaves you very sore and dry,
not to mention hideously thirsty. He was pleading for water all night
in a sad little husky voice, and then at 5am they stopped what little
water he was allowed because they were going to knock him out again to
take out a few lines. By about 8am he'd really hit a wall and was so
desperate for something to drink he resorted to licking the condensation off the inside of his oxygen mask. He didn't finally get his drink
until just before noon, so you can imagine how he was feeling. It is
so hard not being able to do anything for him - I can't even pick him
up and cuddle him.
Anyway, we made it back onto the ward about half an hour ago and he's
much more relaxed - here's a pic of him enjoying his long-awaited,
much pleaded-for icepop.
He's asleep now.

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1 comment:

sandra said...

gosh he is doing better than textbook
hope he can get a tidy drink soon
thinking of you all