Monday, March 15, 2010


I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Charlie (who seems to be coughing less and less by the hour - YIPPEE!) after we finished baking our biscuits this afternoon.
You'll have to excuse the cowboy hat - Charlie decided he wanted to be Indiana Jones (he's been watching Pete playing Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii) so he's been trailing around the house for the past few days, coughing miserably, wearing his cowboy hat and carrying a piece of cord from my sewing box for his whip/lassoo. Yum! He decided he wanted to make heartshaped biscuits, and made the vivid red icing all by himself.
No more pictures please - Indiana Jones wants to eat his cookie in peace!

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Tina said...


Charlie is so darn his hat!

Sorry I am just now getting back to you but things have been so crazy...

I want you to know how much your kind words meant to me during this difficult time....just reading that someone cared put a smile on my face during a time I didn't have much to smile about!