Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cancelled for today...

There is now no ICU bed for Charlie, so his op has been cancelled for today. He's now first on the list for tomorrow morning. Our surgeon has changed yet again - it will now be Bill Brawn, who is, as far as we are concerned, a god in the world of HLHS surgery. He came to visit just now, and was really pleased with how well Charlie looks. He asked what his sats are, and when I told him they were 86 last night, his response was to say 'Hmmm - makes you wonder why we're bothering doesn't it!?'
Chas was a bit overwrought when he heard we were cancelled - he's very tired and hungry, and was looking forward to getting the op out of the way. He's being SUCH a star though - we're so proud of him.
So, although we're a bit fed up with the cancellation, it's good to know that the top surgeon thinks Chas looks as fab as we do!
Watch this space.

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