Monday, March 29, 2010

End of Day Five...

Today has been a good day.
Charlie has been on good form all day, and his recovery seems to be
going well.
He had another good walk this evening to the bathroom, and has eaten
well all day.
His numbers have been totally stable all day long and the nurses and
doctors are all very pleased with him.
Tomorrow could be a pretty difficult day because (blood thickness
permitting) Charlie will be having his central line, pacing wires,
possibly two chest drains and the dressing over his pacemaker removed.
None of these are pleasant experiences, and the drains are
particularly nasty. He will be given medication to sedate him, which
will also stop him remembering what happened, but he will not be
totally asleep and will feel what is going on at the time - even if he
can't remember it afterwards. He will have to wait a while before the
third and final drain comes out, and I really don't want him to be
traumatised in advance. Thoughts and prayers that tomorrow's
procedures go as smoothly and painlessly as possible are gratefully
Also, it is a case of 'so far, so good' as far as chylothorax is
concerned. Despite Charlie eating a whole portion of McDonalds fries,
some chicken nuggets and a couple of packets of crisps, there's no
sign of any chyle in his drains. Please keep hoping that it stays this
That's about it for now - Charlie is asleep, but restlessly - the ward
is terribly noisy tonight - several babies crying, a television turned
too loud, numerous monitors beeping and staff talking and pushing
equipment carts up and down behind the curtain six inches from my
head. Hopefully it will quieten down soon, so Chas can have another
refreshing night's sleep.
See you in the morning!

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