Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

Charlie's been up and out of bed this morning, to be weighed.
Truly, he is astonishing us with his bravery, tolerance and compliance.
He is still very sleepy, but his morphine is being weaned down now, so
he will gradually be able to stay awake for longer periods.
Weight-wise - on admission he was 21.9kg and today he was 22.2kg,
which can be explained by all the drains and wires and the fact he's
holding a little extra fluid on board. He is weeing very well though,
so the extra fluid weight should come off quite soon.
He sat in the chair for about 15minutes before he started dozing off
and went back to bed.
His internal pacemaker should be switched back on today or tomorrow to
take over from the external pacing box, so he'll lose his external
pacing wires then too.
He doesn't seem to be draining excessively as yet, and is holding his
sats nicely with no extra oxygen.
We are waiting to see what tomorrow will bring, because we've been
warned by a few people that day three is often the worst.
Watch this space! Here's a pic of Chas out of bed this morning -
enjoying a story from Nanny and yet another icepop!


The Cryer Family said...

Well done Charlie! You are doing great - all of you...
Thanks for keeping us up to date x

Ann said...

Bless him, sleep is probably the best thing for him anyway, it's good healing time! It's all so amazing how clever it is what they've done and how Charlie is just taking it all in stride. Lots of love, Ann xx

Monica Rafie said...

Okay, good, good. Prayers for day 3!

Jacqui and Jess said...

Ata boy Charlie!