Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pacemaker problems...

In the early hours of this morning, Charlie's heart flipped back into
his intermittent block and his heart rate dropped to mid fifties,
stayed there for a few minutes and then returned to normal. Charlie
was completely unaffected and asymptomatic.
This is what was happening before his Fontan, and was the reason he
had his pacemaker fitted.
The pacemaker is supposed to keep him at no less than 70 beats a
minute if he goes into block - but it is obviously not working properly.
He will need another pacemaker check this morning to see what needs
tweaking. It's not worrying as such - more annoying.
We need to be able to trust that the pacemaker will keep Charlie's
heart at the right rate, once we're back home without all the monitors.
And at the moment, it's not doing much to inspire our trust.
Stupid machine.

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