Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's 6.15am and Charlie is sleeping peacefully. I need to wake him in
a few minutes so he can have a good drink before he is totally nil by
mouth, but I'm just letting him snooze for a little longer.
I'm watching him sleep - it's so hard to think about the difficult few
weeks he has ahead.
Whatever you do - if you pray, think good thoughts, send positive
vibes... whatever you do, please do it on my Charlie-boy's behalf today.
That the surgery goes smoothly and without complications, and that
he's not in too much pain or too frightened when he wakes up.
Thanks - we appreciate it so very much.
I'll keep you posted as the day progresses.
(PS Please excuse the strange paragraph formatting - for some reason it goes like that when I email a post from my phone, but I don't have time to go into Blogger and straighten it out at the moment!)

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Lindsey said...

Thinking of you all LOADS and sending much strength and positive thoughts for Chas. He will be a star - I just know it - but I also know how hideously daunting it must be. We're all rooting for you Chas!!! XXX