Monday, April 12, 2010

Central News tonight...

Just to let you know that Charlie and I will be on Central News (ITV)
tonight at about 6pm - the news crew collared me for a comment about
the stresses of sending a child back to theatre more than once, and
they filmed Charlie walking up the ward with his drain bucket and
playing with his action figures.
So tune in tonight if you fancy a laugh (and please bear in mind that
I had very little sleep last night so am seriously not looking my best!)
Charlie's bright and breezy today but his INR is too high - probably
because he had some antibiotics post-op.
He has only drained 40mls so far today (compared with 135mls by this
time yesterday) - so please keep your wonderful drainage-stopping
vibes coming in our direction!

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jazzystar said...

my in house technician is on the case!!! xxx