Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drain is out!

Hurrah! Charlie's drain is out! He is a happy boy, and it was all I
could do to stop him running drunkenly down the ward, cheering!
(You've got to love midazolam!)
And strangely, I found it much easier to hold him down this time -
knowing that the dratted chest drain was the only thing keeping us in
hospital! I think I'd have pulled it out myself given half a chance!
Now we just wait to find out what the plan is for getting out of here!

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Gill Cloke said...

'Gotta love midazolam' is it?? Not us... 400 ml didn't even affect him - 800 ml barely slowed him down (took 4 of us to pin him down for a drain removal after 800 ml!).. If you see Dr Anthony - remind him how Michael used to have to have 6mg IV... 3 times the normal dose!! You lucky, lucky so-and-so's...!
Glad it's going well now - all the best with it - less than 5 weeks, eh, you don't know you're BORN!!!
(And remember Matthew - 10 weeks+...!!)

Ann Fisher said...

I'm surprised you didn't run drunkenly down the ward cheering yourself!!! I feel like doing it here around the house :-D xxxxxxx