Thursday, April 01, 2010

Into April...

Hi folks. Sorry I didn't update last night - yesterday didn't really go as planned and we were a bit fed up.
Charlie looked very pale and tired all day, and although he joined in with the activities at the craft table, it was obvious he was pretty uncomfortable, tired and fed up.
We were really hoping he could get rid of some of his drains and wires, but we were delayed because there are still issues with his pacemaker.
After two pacemaker checks, we were told that the measurements being picked up are different from what they were immediately post-op. This could either mean that it's just a case of swelling subsiding, or slight errors made when the pacemaker was set the first time, or that the wire on Charlie's ventricle has physically moved. If this is the case, the doctors might have to reopen his chest and fix it. The idea of Charlie having to go back to what feels like square one is terrifying. Although this is still an outside chance, we're obviously pretty worried about it.
The one good thing to come out if the delay in removing Charlie's wires is that his third drain has virtually stopped draining now, so we are tentatively hopeful that we might be able to get all three drains out at once, which would make Charlie so much more comfortable.
He slept well last night and only woke briefly a couple of times. He really needed a good sleep and already looks a bit brighter today than
he was yesterday. He's helping Pete build some Lego at the moment.


Ann said...

Praying that the wire hasn't moved.

Anonymous said...

thanks for update and text,your bound to all feel a bit fed up and your 1st night sleep in your own beds will feel like heaven! you're prepared for the worst r.e pacemaker but we are all hoping for the best thats all you can do, fingers and toes crossed that it settles down and u get good results today, all my love as ever kelly xxx p.s managed to mess up my identity password already= anonymous!! doh