Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

Just a quick update - we've had the appointment through for Charlie's
next checkup at the hospital - we go on Monday afternoon.
It would have been Monday morning, but I rang and asked if we could go
a bit later because it's Charlie's school Sports Day that morning, and
he's so desperate to show off his new running skills.
I'm feeling rather sick about it all again - I really don't want this
heartrate issue to be a big problem. It was so unexpected because
Charlie's doing so well.
Everyone keeps saying that we shouldn't worry about it, and that it's
good it's been picked up sooner rather than later, but I just feel
like crying.
I know that there are so many people in worse situations than this,
whose children are so much sicker, and that I should be grateful for
how well Charlie's been.
But I just want everything to be fine. I don't want there to be
anything else happening that could affect the length or quality of his
He's had to overcome so much already - I can't bear to think of him
having even more mountains to climb.

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kay said...

aww Ali I'm sorry to read these updates , hope the appointment goes well and this can all be sorted without Charlie having to have anything invasive done , in my thoughts and prayers xx

cici said...

a good cry can be very therapeutic, but I agree with the others. I would go more by how he is acting. If he is running without trouble, it might just be a normal high for Charlie. I do understand exactly how you feel, but Looking back 99% of the things I worried about never came to be. Boy I wasted so much energy worrying when mine were babies. I'm surprised I'm still here to talk about it!
Just know he is receiving the best care and God loves him even more than you do, (if that is possible ;) and everything will turn out fine. The human body is amazing at healing and I am praying for you and your sweet boy.