Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010

Just a quick post before I go to bed. Charlie is on good form and is
very excited about Sports Day tomorrow. His PE kit and trainers are
ready, and he has been practising so hard for all his races.
It's funny - he never, ever complained about not being able to keep up
with his friends pre-Fontan, but he is so delighted at the prospect of
being able to join in properly this year.
He's not even planning on winning any races - he just wants to be able
to take part without getting puffed out.
Then after Sports Day, we are off to the hospital again. (So much for
six months until the next visit. Sigh.)
I'm not exactly sure what is happening tomorrow - it may just be a
pacemaker check, the results of which will help us decide what we do
So I'm probably not going to know much more information tomorrow than
I do now. This waiting and uncertainty is doing my head in.
Pete and I feel like we are holding our breath. On one hand, we see
our beautiful, pink boy, full of life and energy, while on the other
we don't know what is going on inside his battle-scarred little chest,
and whether there is a time-bomb ticking in there.
As always, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers - that all might be
well for Charlie - that the previously-noted fast heart rate might have slowed down (somewhere in the 90s would be ideal!), that he might be able to get on with living his life
without any further intervention, and that Pete and I can endure the
waiting and the stress without going totally round the bend.
I'll try to get some pics of my little sportsman in the morning!

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