Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Spoken too soon?

We had a phone call today from Dr Onuzo. He has reviewed the notes
from Charlie's appointment yesterday, and he has some concerns about
Charlie's heart rate, which seems to be a little on the high side.
It is not worryingly fast, just higher than he would like to see it.
He has forwarded the information to the heart investigations team
(pacemaker people) here in Cardiff, and we are to go and see them in
the next couple of weeks for another ECG.
I hope it is just something very simple -but I have to admit that it
is very much a case of 'once bitten, twice shy' as far as Charlie's
pacemaker goes.
In all honesty, it hasn't behaved itself for long enough for me to
really start trusting it, and my first thought on hearing about the
problem was that the atrial wire might be malfunctioning now as well.
I can't express how strongly we're hoping that this isn't the case. It
just doesn't bear thinking about.
I just hope and pray that whatever it is can be resolved easily and
non-invasively, and we would really appreciate your famous thoughts,
prayers and positive vibes for the same.
And so, the worry begins again.

PS Just to add - Charlie is still wonderful in himself - running around, full of beans. It's just us who are worrying. But isn't that what parenthood's all about?

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