Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

Hi folks - I know I haven't posted the EuroDisney pictures yet - there
are some on the camera and some on my phone and I need to find the
time to pull them all together into a slideshow -but they will be
coming soon, I promise!
Our visit from the gas fire repairman wasn't particularly productive
yesterday - apparently our gas fire is obsolete, as are all its spare
parts. He did his best to source the bits we needed, but just couldn't
find them. So it looks like a new gas fire is on the cards, as well as
a new boiler! Unfortunately we don't have a chimney, so we have to
have a fire with a special fan flue to pull all the fumes away - and
they're about triple the price of a standard gas fire. Sigh. Looks
like July's going to be an expensive month!
They say these things usually happen in threes, so I really hope
nothing else breaks before payday!
Charlie and I had a lovely day today - Pete's away in London again, so
Chas and I picked up Nanny and we went to a Dalek Treasure Trail I
found in Tintern - a pretty village in the Wye Valley. (It has a
famous ruined Abbey, if you're wondering why you might have heard of
The weather was fab, the scenery was lovely, and Charlie thoroughly
enjoyed running round with his clipboard, answering questions and
spotting daleks!
Back soon with some Disney pics!

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